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Ask our experts

  • Planning a Bathroom thumbnail image

    Planning a Bathroom

    Noel Duff
    Group Showroom Development Manager

    I have over 20 years experience in the bathroom industry, and in that time I have worked with most of the leading brands available on retail projects as well as new housing/commercial projects. In this article, I explain some of the key things to consider when embarking on a bathroom project.

  • Choosing the right Garage Door thumbnail image

    Choosing the right Garage Door

    Norman Black, Group Special Products Manager, has over 40 years experience of selling building products with Haldane Fisher! His knowledge of garage doors is extensive having moved into this sector of the business in 2000. He conducts site surveys throughout the province and guides customers in purchasing the most suitable door for their purposes and needs. He can be contacted on 07799 711529 or emailed at

    Here, Norman gives advice on how to select the right garage door for you.


  • Floor construction thumbnail image

    Floor construction

    Adrian Gibney has been working with us in our Truss department for eight years and is responsible for designing and estimating timber floors and roof trusses. Here he tells us about the latest innovations in flooring construction techniques.



  • Underfloor Heating thumbnail image

    Underfloor Heating

    Wayne Gribben is an underfloor heating (UFH) and renewables specialist who designs whole systems for residential properties. He deals directly with customers and plumbing contractors on a daily basis, sizes plans for quotations, designs technical specifications for UFH and commissions the systems. In this article Wayne outlines the pros and cons of UFH and highlights the potential pitfalls in the installation.

  • AGA thumbnail image


    Andy Spence, Group AGA Manager, has been selling AGAs for 10 years. He has introduced literally hundreds of customers to the world of AGA and has watched how the cookers have evolved over the years. His knowledge of AGA is extensive, guiding customers through the buying process to ensure they choose the right product. He also conducts site surveys, liaises with architects and contractors and makes sure you and your AGA have settled in once your build is complete. Here, Andy gives us advice on navigating the many AGA options that are available.


  • Wetrooms

    Graham Lowry is Bathroom Showroom Manager in our Bangor branch. With over 10 years’ experience in our showrooms designing bathrooms, Graham's knowledge of, and ability to navigate around our vast product range makes the selection and design process easy for home renovators and self-builders. He also has a good understanding of plumbing practices and works closely with contractors. Here he gives us his first hand advice on installing Wetrooms.