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3 Oven (Heat Storage)

Exactly the same size as the 2-oven AGA, the 3-oven AGA has the added versatility of a third oven - the Baking Oven. The top right-hand oven is for roasting, grilling and baking and can accommodate anything as large as a 28lb/13kg turkey. At the bottom right is the Simmering Oven.  Bottom left is the Baking Oven. Every 3-oven AGA can also be combined with either an Integrated or a Freestanding Module. All Modules further extend the capability of the AGA with two further electric ovens (including one with a fan) and the option of either a gas or electric ceramic hob.

Key features are:
- 2 Insulated Hotplates for simmering and boiling
- Roasting Oven used for grilling and roasting
- Baking Oven used for baking
- Simmering Oven for simmering and overnight slow-cooking

Available in a choice of 12 colours, the 3-oven AGA can be run off Natural Gas, Propane Gas or 13 amp Electric.

3 oven Aga Claret photo

3 oven Aga Claret


  • 3 oven Aga Claret photo
  • 3 oven Aga Classic Cream photo
  • 3 oven Aga Chocolate photo
  • Aga Sunday Morning photo
  • Aga 3 oven Claret in roomset photo
  • Aga 3 oven Black with module room set photo