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Mira Showers

Mira understand that your shower is part of your daily routine. You rely on it, relax in it and want to be cleansed by it - sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally. They understand that not all showers are the same and that not everyone wants the same things from a shower.

With this in mind, Mira have got showers that will clean and refresh you - a whole host in fact. But most people want more than that. They've also got showers with digital timers that keep you from being late for work. Showers with glass fascias that send your friends green with envy. And, showers with remote controls for when you just want 5 more minutes in bed.But it doesn't end there. They've got showers that look after the environment by saving up to 75% water. Showers that are breaking the mould with nifty little designs. And, showers with thermostatic controls that keep your little ones safe. Quite simply, they've got a shower for every body.

Discovery Diverter Mixer  photo

Discovery Diverter Mixer Shower


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