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Choose the perfect tiles to complement your new bathroom from our full range of wall and floor tiles. Our specialist staff have years of experience of guiding customers in what is a very important decision when designing a bathroom. You can choose from literally 100's of designs within the following categories.

Naturals: - If you value the beauty and irregularity of natural stone, we offer ceramic tiles that replicate the look and feel of the real thing. They're easier to install, clean and maintain - and much more affordable.


Neutrals: - Whether your style is traditional or modern, neutral tones can provide a relaxing, tranquil and versatile backdrop for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas.


Whites: - Creating a sense of calm serenity, white tiles are perfect for adding sophistication and elegance to busy spaces. Clean, cool and refreshingly simple.


Mosaics: - In both glass and natural stone, and a huge range of colours and textures, our mosaic tiles open up a wealth of deisgn possibilities.


Colours: - If you want to add character and life, or even a sense of adventure, our coloured tiles offer a world of possibilities. Whatever mood you're aiming for, we can help you create it.


Effects: - Ceramic tiles can do much more than you'd expect. With our effects collection, you have a diverse range of textures, finishes and patterns that can add real visual depth and interest to any space.