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Fermacell Gypsum Fibre Boards

Fermacell Gypsum Fibre Boards available from Haldane FisherFermacell is a high performance multi-purpose building board that when installed combines the properties of solid blockwork with the speed and flexibility of conventional drywall techniques. Fermacell Building Boards are the real alternative to plasterboard.

Providing superior fire, sound and moisture resistance with the ability to hang weights and no requirement to skim plaster. fermacell offers a unique, single point solution combining high levels of Fire Resistance, Acoustic Insulation and Impact Strength with exceptional Screw Holding ability and inherent Moisture Resistance.

Fermacell gypsum fibreboards are manufactured for a range of applications including walls, ceilings and floors.  They have been developed to the highest German engineering standards.  The boards have a simple homogeneous composition – recycled gypsum, cellulose fibres from post-consumer waste paper and water, with no added chemicals, are combined to form a homogenous mass, which is then formed into a dense sheet material. After drying, the large format boards are cut to size. Fermacell boards are fibre-reinforced throughout and therefore, extremely resilient and possess particularly good sound insulating properties. 

Fermacell is a universally applicable material - as a straightforward building board, for fire protection purposes and in rooms where resistance to moisture is required. It outperforms traditional dry-lining where other systems need multiple layers and separated studs to achieve similar impact, acoustic and  fire ratings.

fermacell gypsum fibre board available from Haldane Fisher

Fermacell is not only an excellent façade backer material, fermacell is also a high performance, multi-purpose building board.   It combines in a single product, exceptional fire, impact and moisture resistance properties with high levels of acoustic insulation and weight carrying capacity. Fermacell gypsum fibreboards perform as a DRYWALL, TILEBACKER, RAINSCREEN, TIMBERFRAME boards.

In addition to high performance dry-lining, Fermacell has multiple other applications, see below for more details on the “Ultimate Building Board”:



Fermacell Fibre Boards for Dry walling available from Haldane FisherFermacell Gypsum Fibre Boards are a unique product combining the strength associated with solid blockwork with the speed and ease of drywall installation.

2 Fermacell 1S21 partition

A single board offers all the performance benefits that would usually be provided by multiple types and layers of plasterboard – fire resistance, high acoustic isolation, impact resistance and moisture resistance. In addition, because of its inherent strength there is usually no need for plywood pattressing and direct fixing to the board can hold up to 50kg per fixing.


  • Fermacell gypsum fibreboards are Class 0 and Euroclass A2.  Partitions with up to 60 minutes fire rating can be constructed with just a single layer of 12.5mm fermacell either side of a metal stud.
  • Fermacell gypsum fibreboards are very dense and produce excellent acoustic insulation.  A single layer of 12.5mm board either side of a metal stud delivers 54 dB Rw.
  • Because of its density and homogenous construction, fermacell gypsum fibreboards are highly impact resistant.  A single layer of 12.5mm fermacell will deliver a “Severe” rating under BS5268 part two.
  • Highly moisture resistant, Fermacell gypsum fibreboards can be used where moisture resistance is required although for “wet rooms” we would recommend Powerpanel H2O cement boards.  Crucially, Fermacell can be installed in site condition where conventional drywall cannot be.
  • Direct fixing to fermacell gypsum fibreboard allows each fixing to take up to 50kg, eliminating the need for most plywood pattressing.


Backer Board for Tiles

Fermacell Backerboard for Tiles available from Haldane Fisher

In addition to being the professionals dry lining solution of choice, Fermacell can also provide a cost effective solution for domestic bathrooms and kitchens. 

Delivering the performance of cement based boards at significantly lower costs; fermacell backer board for tiles are available in handy 1200x800mm sizes, ideal for the smaller residential project.

Combining all the performance of the full size board in terms of acoustics, fire and impact, our backer board for tiles is increasingly sought out as a simple, reliable and cost effective solution to mounting tiles kitchens and bathrooms.



The unique properties of Fermacell also make it an ideal board for use in a rainscreen system. Made in ISO European factories, with both a CE mark and a BBA certificate, Fermacell has the quality assurance to deliver its performance that you can trust.

Superior pull out test results set fermacell aside from inferior competitors and combined with its cost effectiveness the ultimate building board is increasingly used in external facades as well as internal partitions.

Fermacell Fibre Board available from Haldane Fisher

Fermacell offers a fast, reliable, cost effective solution for external Rainscreen and EWI applications on timber and steel frames.


  • Structural board with excellent  racking strength
  • Reliable Air Tightness
  • Weather, moisture and mould resistance
  • Improves fire and acoustic performance
  • Multi-purpose board – less mistakes  on site
  • Environmentally friendly – approved by the ECO Institute
  • Approved by the CWCT


Timber Frame

The strength of Fermacell gypsum fibreboards makes them an obvious choice as a racking board in timber frame construction.  Their superior performance, especially in moisture resistance and fire retardancy is winning many friends in the industry. 

It has be tested and approved in the UK for a rainscreen and EWI backer board, and has been proved in timber frame solutions with rainscreen and EWI around Europe for over 20 years.


  • Performs as well as a cement particle (CP) board at a significantly reduced cost
  • Outperforms plasterboard and Oriented Strand Board (OSB)– for sound, fire, impact, racking and moisture resistance
  • Outstandingly sustainable, produced using recycled materials
  • It is ideal in both load bearing and non load bearing walls, as well as for acoustic flooring and robust ceiling applications
  • Can be used as the air tightness line within systems or buildings


Fermacell Powerpanel H2O Render Carrier

In addition to Fermacell gypsum fibreboards, a fibre glass reinforced cement board – Powerpanel H2O is also available.  Combining superb moisture resistance with a Euroclass A1 fire rating makes Powerpanel suitable for the most demanding of specifications.  Typical applications would include wet rooms or shower areas in leisure centres and as an external render carrier board.  Many render manufacturers now approve of Powerpanel H2O as a suitable carrier board for their systems, please contact Fermacell for an up to date list.  Two separate BBA certificates for internal and external applications give a 3rd party performance guarantee.

Superior render carrier board for fast, durable and versatile external walls, cladding and soffits on timber or steel frames.


  • Lightweight solution
  • Withstands extreme weather effects  – can be left exposed for months
  • Weather, water and mould resistant
  • Non Combustible A1
  • Easily curved
  • BBA certified



Fermacell Flooring Elements available from Haldane Fisher

Fermacell gypsum flooring elements allow floors to be screeded without the need for wet screed in a fraction of the time and without the inconvenience. In addition, Fermacell flooring elements have improved acoustic performance with the addition of a wood fibre layer, isolating sound between floors, especially important in residential apartments.


  • Manageable element sizes - Easy to carry
  • One-person installation
  • Easy Installation
  • Swift working process and installation
  • Can be walked on almost immediately
  • Chair castor roll resistance
  • Easy levelling
  • Low additional weight to existing floor
  • Increased Fire Protection
  • Improved Sound Insulation
  • Effective Heat Insulation
  • Suitable for domestic Wet Rooms


For more information on Fermacell Fibre boards please contact your local Haldane Fisher branch.