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Gyproc Wallboard Premium Plasterboard

Gyproc Wallboard Premium Plasterboard is a high quality plaster wallboard developed, designed and produced to deliver significantly improved performance in the residential market compared to standard wallboard. The advanced features of Wallboard Premium Plasterboard offers major benefits to anyone upgrading their homes or specific rooms / areas within their home, whether undertaking renovation work or a new build project.

Impact resistance – Twice the impact resistance of standard wallboard
Gyproc Wallboard Premium’s upgraded paper on the face of the plaster board means it is twice as resistent to impacts compared to standard wallboard.  Whether the impact comes from a door handle, bicycle, sliothar, child's toy or some other source, Wallboard Premium will withstand the impact to a significantly higher degree – reducing the occurrence of damage and the regularity of repairs.

Pull-out strength – Twice the pull-out strength for wall fixings and hangings
Gyproc Wallboard Premium’s specially developed board core contains glass fibre and means the pull-out strength of Wallboard Premium is twice that of standard wallboard.  This has positive implications when it comes to hanging pictures, mirrors and shelves on walls and light or other fittings if the board is used for ceilings.

Board strength – 25% stronger plasterboard
Gyproc Wallboard Premium’s design and production delivers an overall stronger plasterboard.  With 25% increased wallboard strength over standard wallboard, Wallboard Premium will result in a stronger partition wall when installed.

Enhanced acoustic performance - better sound performance & noise insulation
Gyproc constantly researches ways to improve sound performance and because of this Wallboard Premium Plasterboard results in a denser board than standard wallboard which means it delivers enhanced acoustic insulation performance.  Whether it’s to keep noise out of a room (bedroom) or inside a room (TV room, playroom), a denser wallboard will help.  

Light Weight & Still Strong
At 10kg per m2, Wallboard Premium Plasterboard delivers its excellent performance with minimal/ no significant increase in weight compared to a standard wallboard.  This ensures that handling this plasterboard on and around a new build or site remains very manageable.

Compatible with Gyproc Finishing Plasters
Gyproc’s range of finishing plasters are fully compatible with the upgraded paper liner used on Gyproc WallBoard Premium. Therefore, plastering and decoration can be undertaken in the same standard manner as other typical Gyproc plasterboards.