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Enviroform Solutions have insulation products for every situation - for when insulation thickness is an issue and where insulation perfomance is crucial! Enviroform offer 21st century insulation.

For Solid Walls use Magnaline Slim, Magnaline Superslim or Magnaline Natural

Magnaline Slim is a thermal laminate comprising a robust 6mm thick Multi-Pro magnesium silicate board, bonded to a high performance PIR (Polyisocyanurate Insulation Board) with a laminated foil layer included as an integrated AVCL.

Magnaline SlimMagnaline Slim is fixed using a rail system. It is fixed into the ceiling and floor and this creates a 16mm non-ventilated air gap. Slow release urethane foam is applied to the back of the Magnaline Slim boards before fixing, to seal behind the boards to prevent thermal looping. Two fixings at the top and bottom of the board are used to hold it in place and do not at any time come into contact with the external wall where thermal bridging and black spots can occur. In effect we have "thermally decoupled" the internal insulation from the external wall. The benefits are:

  • A cost effective insulation solution.
  • Available in a range of thicknesses.
  • Moisture resistant properties.
  • Speed of Installation.

Magnaline Superslim is a unique, innovative insulation product that is remarkably thin and breathable.
Consisting of a 9mm Multi-Pro Superslimmagnesium silicate board laminated to spaceloft aerogel insulation,
Magnaline Superslim is the thinnest and most thermally efficient panel available on today’s market. It is ideally suited to situations where space is at premium and loss of living area would impact upon occupancy comfort standards and property rental value.

Magnaline Superslim is available in a range of thicknesses, giving Architects the freedom to design maximum thermal standards whilst maintaining internal living space. The combination of Enviroform’s patented fixing method and strong commitment to installation “Best Practice”, makes Magnaline Superslim the specifiers choice. Benefits are:

  • It's the thinnest and most thermally efficient panel available in today's market.
  • Ideally suited to situations were space is at a premium.
  • Breathable.


Magnaline Natural combines Woodfibre insulation with Multi-Pro magnesium silicate boards which exhibit similar vapour resistivity and hydroscopic properties. This dry lining panel should be specified where the breathability of the existing structure must be maintained. This product would be the natural choice for heritage & conservation projects.




For Window and Door Reveals use Magnaline Reveal

RevealBy combining aerogel Spaceloft insulation, the world’s most efficient thin thermal insulation with an extremely robust but also very thin facing board, Multi-Pro magnesium silicate Enviroform solutions has produced a 16mm thick reveal board, Magnaline Reveal with a thermal resistance of 0.8m2K/W.

To achieve this same thermal resistance using traditional methods i.e. rigid insulation plus plasterboard, equivalent alternative solutions would be double the thickness. Benefits are:

  • R Value 0.80m2K/W
  • Reduces heat loss through reveals.
  • Reduces risk of condensation in internally insulated homes and buildings
  • Reduces the risk of Mould growth



For Floors use Magnafloor

FloorMagnafloor combines 10mm Aerogel insulation with 3mm Multi-Pro Magnesium Silicate boards and 6mm Multi-Pro Magnesium Silicate board, with a laminated foil layer included an integrated AVCL.

This solution will considerably reduce the heat loss through the floor and result in a comfortable “warm to touch” feel. Enviroform estimate that this measure will reduce the floor U-Value to 0.30 W/m2 K. Benefits are:

  • Considerably reduces the heat loss through the floor
  • Comfortable "warm to touch" feel.
  • Reduce the floor U-Value to 0.30 w/m2k
  • It increases the overall performance of your insulation upgrade.



For Roof Insulation, Balconies, Dormer Windows and Timber Framed Construction use Spaceloft Aerogel

Spaceloft Aerogel is a flexible, nanoporous blanket insulation that reduces energy loss while conserving interior space in residential and commercial building applications. It's unique properties – extremely low thermal conductivity, superior flexibility, breathable, waterproof, and ease of use – make it essential for those seeking the ultimate in thermal protection.

Using patented nanofoam, Spaceloft Aerogel insulation combines a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibres to deliver industry leading thermal performance in an easy-to-handle and environmentally safe product.
Aerogel is a proven, effective insulator in building applications, providing the highest R-Value of any insulation material for maximum energy efficiency.

10mm of Aerogel reduces energy consumption by 62.1% through a solid wall. Also approved for use in Heritage and Conservation projects.



For External Walls use Magnaclad

The Magnaclad External Wall Insulation System has been developed after extensive research into methods and materials to create a versatile product range that tackles the issues listed above. It provides a layer of insulation, fixed externally to the walls, which acts as a thermal barrier keeping the cold and damp out while retaining heat within the structure.

MagnacladMagnaclad is a panel system utilising Resistant Multi-Pro, a magnesium silicate board, as the optimum facing board. Each panel comprises a thermal insulant, either Aerogel or PIR bonded to the Resistant Multi-Pro Magnesium Silicate board. Multi-Pro board. The thickness of the insulation is determined by the thermal specification required of the wall. Magnaclad Super Slim– Aerogel insulation bonded to 9mm Multi-Pro magnesium silicate board.

Magnaclad Slim- PIR (Polyisocyanurate) insulation bonded to 9mm Multi-Pro magnesium silicate board. The panels are fitted to a series of shallow rails with joints between boards being scrim taped and skimmed. Even prior to painting this rapidly creates a weatherproof façade, unlike conventional systems which require the time consuming application and setting of a wet base coat render to a mesh carrier fixed to the boards, both of which can be affected by the weather. With the system a thin coat of render or acrylic paint can be applied directly to the Multi-Pro panels. This quickly establishes effective external insulation while saving considerable labour, time on site and associated costs. Benefits are:

  • Speed of Installation
  • Impact resistant - during and after completion
  • Instant weather proofing
  • Less weather reliant
  • Quick drying times