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K Rend Accessories

K Rend Render Products available from Haldane FisherK Rend offer a range of complimentary products to protect your render or assist in the application of your render.  

K Pro available from Haldane Fisher

K Rend's K Pro Protective Treatment available from Haldane FisherK Pro is a water based protective treatment used to provide long term, enhanced water repellent properties to external render and other masonry surfaces.

K Pro helps combat the problems associated with water intrusion including efflorescence, frost, water-soluble pollutants and algae growth.  It provides increased resistance to oil absorption, enabling the substrate to stay clean and dry for longer allowing the background to breathe, maintaining the water vapour permeability of the substrate.

The benefits include:

  • Enhanced water repellency
  • Helps combat problems associated with water intrusion
  • Enables the substrate to breathe
  • Keeps substrate clean & dry for longer

K Pro is available in 25 litre screw cap plastic containers.


K Rend Algae Clean available from Haldane Fisher

Algae Clean

Algae Clean is a water based anti-bacterial fungicidal concentrate wash to treats moulds, algae and lichens.  It can be used on external surfaces such as brick, concrete, paving, tiles, masonry, tarmac, painted plaster and render.  

The water process requires no scrubbing. The area is covered leaving a residual ingredient that slowly weathers off over a few days, leaving a clean and refreshed surface.

Algae Clean aids the prevention of immediate re-infection and should be applied regularly every 6 to 12 months.  It can also be used to treat a wide variety of substrates.