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With the very latest thinking in design, engineering and materials, Keylite has created a new innovative product range. Designed to complement every architectural design, their engineers have created strikingly simple aesthetics on top of intelligent innovations and clever engineering. All Keylite roof windows come with unique innovations such as Flick Fit brackets and Expanding Integrated Thermal Collar, all included as standard for a simple fast installation process.  



The Centre Pivot range is the most commonly specified and versatile of all Keylite Roof Windows. It can be installed in any sloping roof with a pitch 15º – 90º making it simple and cost effective.

 Keylite centre-pivot roof window Northern Ireland


The Keylite Top Hung (TH) Roof Window is available for low pitch roofs, where a wide and unobstructed view is desired.


 Keylite Top Hung Roof Windows Northern Ireland

Fire Escape & Access

The Fire Escape roof window opens to 45° in compliance with building regulations and safety standards. The unique design allows operation of this window to be achieved in 2 stages.

 Keylite Fire escape Roof Windows Northern Ireland


The Conservation roof window is designed to accommodate the renovation of traditional buildings.

The window retains the standard pine frame and sash of the Keylite Roof Window Range, with a low profile external flashing system.

 Keylite Conservation roof window Northern Ireland

Verticle Bi-lite

Keylite VBL roof windows are available in a variety of styles and combinations. Arranging your Keylite Roof Windows to incorporate a Keylite VBL creates a larger glazed area, and increases light into your living area.

 Verticle Bi-lite Roof window Northern ireland

Flat Roof System

Many properties have extensions with flat, or near flat roofs. Keylite has developed a Flat Roof System (FRS) specifically for this application, which allows daylight into the area beneath

 Flat Roof System Northern Ireland

Ridge Roof Window

Keylite Ridge (RD) roof windows may be installed along the roof ridge to maximise light and space at the highest point of the pitched ceiling.

 Ridge Roof Window Northern Ireland

Flat Roof Dome

Flat Roof Domes (FRD) are thermoformed from triple skin construction. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, with an impact strength 250 times greater than glass. Keylite Flat Roof Domes can be supplied with a clear or frosted finish.

 Flat roof dome Northern ireland

Flat Roof Apex

Flat Roof Apex System (FRX) creates an enhanced stream of light into the room below.

System supplied completed with roof windows, insulated upstand and precision flashings

 Keylite Flat roof apex Northern Ireland

White Finish

The Keylite White Finish (WF) Roof Window is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, or any room prone to smoke, dust or steam. This wipe clean polyurethane painted coating has moisture resistant qualities and requires little or no maintenance.

 Keylite White Finish (WF) Roof Window

Glazing Options

Bronze Frosted Self Cleaning Triple Glazing
 Bronze Glazing Options Northern Ireland  Frosted Glazing Options Northern Ireland  Self Cleaning Glazing Northern ireland  Triple Glazing Northern ireland