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Wall Cladding provides an alternative to finished brick and is the application of one material over another to provide layer intended to control the infiltration of weather elements, or for aesthetic purposes.

Timber cladding provides a highly attractive and durable external finish, which is renewable, reusable, biodegradable and contains minimal embodied energy. Benefits include very durable and stable product which is very cost effective with substantial timie savings.

Stone cladding fixes directly to walls. It differs from building stone, which has a thickness of eight inches while stone cladding is one inch thick and is less bulkly and lighter. There are a range of benefits using stone cladding including: substantial cost savings, less weight being added to the structure, easier and faster build, maintenance free and is perfect for extensions, fireplaces, porches and other distinctive parts of your home.

  • Sam Trimax

    SAM Trimax

    Opening up a whole world of new possibilities not previously considered for a wood-based panel...

  • photo of Cladding | Tier Stone Cladding

    Tier Stone Cladding

    Tier is a real stone panelling system specifically designed to create a distinctive, natural...

  • Tegral cedral Cladding available from Haldane Fisher

    Tegral Cedral Cladding

    Cedral is the ideal, quick and easy to install, maintenance free alternative to traditional...

  • photo of Cladding | ARP Aluminium Cladding

    ARP Aluminium Cladding

    The ARP Trueline Range is the complete bespoke offering for your Cladding needs.

  • photo of Cladding | Clear Amber HYGICLAD®

    Clear Amber HYGICLAD®

    Renowned for its hygienic smooth satin surface, Hygiclad® provides a robust wipe clean surface in...