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The build up of high levels of condensation in the roof space is a big problem that builders need to address. A combination of central heating, double glazing and insulation can cause a temperature differential between living space and the cold air outside. Warm air, carrying high levels of water vapour, is drawn by a process of convection to cold areas of the building including the roof void. If there is insufficient ventilation the water vapour condenses, leading to rotting timbers, the rusting of metal fixtures, felt damage and mould growth.

To combat this problem, we offer a range of quality roof ventilation products which are suitable for new build and refurbishment situations.

Tile Ventilation  
A range of of in-line tile ventilators are designed to provide
simple solution to the problems of roofspace ventilation
and mechanical extraction through a large format concrete
tiled roof.
 Tile vents
Slate Vents  
Alpha Slate Vents are an unobtrusive, economical roof
ventilator providing 10,000mm² of air flow per unit.
Vents available for new build and retro fit details.
 Slate vents
Flexible Pipes  
Designed for use with the Slate and Tile Vents, the GRPA
Flexible Pipe range provides an economical, quick and
effective connection to standard 4" soil pipes and
ventilation systems.
Over Fascia Vent  
A slim line over fascia ventilator ensures a flow of air into
the roof space between the felt and the fascia board.
10,000mm² and 25,000mm² versions available.
 Over fascia vent
Soffit Strips  
The Continuous Soffit Ventilators are designed for use
with a traditional fascia board to provide roof ventilation.
Ventilation solutions available various soffit details.
 Soffit strips
Flash Vent  
The Flash Vent is a simple one piece roll-out, easy fit
sheet that provides weather-tight ventilation for
abutment roof details with a continuous 5mm² of airflow.
 Flash vents
Felt Lap vent  
The Felt Lap Vent. A refurbishment product designed to
increase the amount of ventilation into existing roof spaces.
 Felt lap vent
Roll Panel Vent  
The Eaves Panel Vents. Designed to maintain a flow of air
to the roof space from outside, thereby allowing the
escape of built-up moisture.
 Roll panel
Eaves Panel Vent  
The Panel Vents.Designed to maintain a flow of air to the
roof space from outside, thereby allowing the escape of
built-up moisture.