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Hörmann Entrance Doors

A home should be beautiful, warm and safe. Hörmann Entrance doors offer you all that, with their sleek contemporary design, quality engineering and a state of the art locking system to make you have to feel safe and at ease within your own four walls. 

ThermoPlus/ThermoPro Entrance Doors

If you would like to equip your main entrance with an attractive, high-quality door, Hörmann’s ThermoPlus entrance door is the right choice for you. The solid 65-mm-thick steel door leaf with PU rigid foam infill and the leaf profile on the inside made of composite material keep the cold out. With a UD-value of up to 0.87 W/ (m²·K), ThermoPlus doors feature excellent thermal insulation. As standard, the doors are equipped with a 5-point security lock, allowing you to feel safe and secure in your home. ThermoPlus styles are optionally available with RC 2 safety equipment to make you feel even more secure in your own four walls.

Turn your entrance into an eye-catcher. The ThermoPro entrance door offers you everything that makes for an excellent entrance and side door. With a UD-value up to 1.1 W/ (m²·K), the ThermoPro door achieves excellent thermal insulation values. Thanks to the standard 5 point security lock, the entrance door is ideally equipped when it comes to security.   Some styles are optionally available with RC 2 safety equipment to make you feel even more secure in your own four walls. Choose your favourite from 12 door styles – from modern to classic. You can customise your Hörmann door with colours, glazings, side elements and transom lights according to your preferences.

The ThermoPlus/ThermoPro Entrance Doors competitively priced entrance doors have standard multiple locking, save energy through excellent thermal insulation and are available in a large selection of styles. All the doors in this range come with matching side elements and transom lights for a brighter entrance. Doors are supplied in Traffic White as standard. They also come in 11 other colours as well as in a Decograin surface for a natural timber look or modern metallic look.

For the full range of styles and colours available, please download the ThermoPlus/ThermoPro Entrance Doors Brochure.

Our Best Sellers:

                            TPS 700                                                        TPS 015

Thermo Pro Entrance Door     ThermoPro Entrance Door TPS 015    


TopComfort/ThermoSafe/ThermoCarbon Aluminium Doors
Aluminium entrance doors are a superior choice to plastic and timber in many ways. Other than the many technical and design options, you can enjoy a number of additional benefits such as high acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, security and stability. They are also practically maintenance free!

Choose from three different versions in this range: the comfort category TopComfort Entrance Door, the ThermoSafe Entrance Door with additional thermal insulation and design or, the premium ThermoCarbon Entrance Door.

TopComfort glass entrance doors create a bright and cheerful entrance area with solid equipment. The doors are characterised by a 80-mm-thick aluminium door profile and 80 mm aluminium door frame with thermal break and feature good thermal insulation with a UD-value up to 1.3 W/ (m²·K) auf. The standard 5-point security lock provides the security you expect of an entrance door. This way, you can design an entrance area that is not only tasteful, but also secure

ThermoSafe entrance doors will convince you with its security and thermal insulation. Thanks to the solid 73-mm-thick aluminium door leaf with PU rigid foam infill and an aluminium leaf profile with thermal break on the inside, ThermoSafe entrance doors feature a UD-value up to 0.8 W/ (m²·K). The 5-point security lock as standard and the optional RC 2 or RC 3 security equipment give you a comforting feeling of safety when you go to bed at night.

ThermoCarbon entrance doors are Hörmann’s premium entrance door range with top of the range requirements for security, thermal insulation, technical equipment and design.  With UD-values up to 0.47 W/ (m²·K), ThermoCarbon has earned its title as thermal insulation world champion, and with the optional RC 4 equipment, it is at the top of its class in terms of security for aluminium entrance doors. With its high-tech leaf profile made of carbon glass-fibre hybrid material, it is exceptionally impressive, offering a high degree of rigidity and impact resistance as well as improved acoustic insulation like none other.

With the Aluminium range, you can also choose between different frame profiles: the standard flush frame profile, the rounded frame profile and the frame profile with added depth.

To find out more about the range and choice on offer, please download the Hormann Aluminium Doors brochure.

Our Best Sellers:

             Style 45                                       Style 173

Style 45 entrance door Style 173


For more information or to enquire regarding Hörmann Entrance Doors, please contact Haldane Fisher’s Special Products Manager Charlie Mount or phone 07799711529.