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Hörmann Sectional Garage Doors

The elegant automatic Hörmann sectional garage doors open vertically upwards. You have more space inside and in front of the garage - and the entire passage area is free. Sectional garage doors fit anywhere, no matter whether your garage opening is rectangular or chamfered, or has a segmental or a Norman arch. Therefore, they are ideally suited for subsequent modernisation.


Sectional doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space. This constructional principle means you can take full use of the space inside and in front of the garage for parking.

Variable fitting
The shape of the garage opening is not of prime importance. Whether square, angled, with segmental or full centred arch, a Hörmann sectional door always gives a perfect fit.

Wider passage
The additional passage width makes it easier to drive in and out of the garage. This is a decisive advantage for large cars, vans and off-road vehicles.

Sealed all-round
Flexible and weather-resistant seals on all four sides of Hörmann's sectional doors keep out the wind and rain. Thanks to its large-sized profile lip, the bottom seal can easily accommodate slight irregularities in the floor.

Click here to watch the Sectional Door demonstration video and see if this type of garage door fits your requirements.

Hörmann sectional garage door photo

Hörmann sectional garage door


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