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Laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring available from Haldane Fisher

Haldane Fisher stock a wide range of laminate floor ranges that offer a wide range of benefits including durability, practicality and quality to suit your home.


Haro Laminate Flooring available from Haldane FisherWhen you choose a Laminate Floor collection by HARO are a renowned engineered flooring manufacturer who create particularly natural and authentic styles. Haro Laminate Floors are made of 90% wood, which ensures a natural and healthy living environment.

In addition, their production processes guarantee many years of quality living at the highest standard, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to quality.  Above all, it is the durability of these high-tech floors that makes them so special. Despite the look and the texture, which are almost indistinguishable from real wood, Haro Laminate Floors are characterised by extreme durability and stability. For your home this means that you can rely on your floor in every respect.


Kronotex Laminate FloorsKRONOTEX laminate flooring is at home everywhere: in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms as well as in offices and hotels. Its innovative surface structures approximate the look & feel of wood and stone more closely than has ever before achieved.

There is a huge array of different decors to choose from for impressively implementing your personal decorating style. Whether you prefer classic oak or a contemporary tile look, nature-identical wood styles or trendy adaptations, imaginative patterns or unicolours, high-gloss or matt: there are virtually no limits to your creativity with KRONOTEX laminate flooring. These floor coverings are simple to install, hard-wearing and easy to clean. You’ll enjoy them for a long time with relatively little effort.


For more information on Laminate Wooden Flooring, please contact your local Haldane Fisher branch.

Haro Tobacco Oak Textured Laminate Flooring photo

Haro Tobacco Oak Textured Laminate Flooring


  • Haro Tobacco Oak Textured Laminate Flooring photo
  • Haro Oak Portland Nature Laminate Flooring photo
  • Haro Oak Contura Stone Grey Laminate Flooring photo
  • Haro Smoked Oak Sauvage Engineered Flooring photo
  • KRONOTEX Robusto Timeless Oak Laminate Flooring photo
  • KRONOTEX Everest Oak Beige Laminate Flooring photo
  • KRONOTEX Harbour Oak Grey Laminate Flooring photo
  • KRONOTEX Pettersson Oak Dark Laminate Flooring photo