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Floors Semi-Solid/Engineered

Haldane Fisher offers the Cheetah and Haro ranges in Semi-Solid/Engineered flooring. Moving with the trends of modern building practices and responding to demand, Engineered flooring has evolved to become more versatile and functional than its solid wooden floor counterpart but still holds the warmth and character associated with this product. In addition to its natural appearance, engineered timber flooring is suitable for use with under-floor heating systems. And because only a fraction of solid timber is required to manufacture engineered flooring you are playing your part in protecting the environment.

Both the Cheetah and Haro ranges in Engineered flooring offers you a huge variety of timber species, widths, lengths and finishes.

Cheetah White Oak Oiled photo

Cheetah White Oak Oiled


  • Cheetah White Oak Oiled photo
  • High-Res-Lac-EngEDIT-copy(616x357) photo
  • Cheetah Brushed Oak  photo
  • Cheetah Smoked White Oak  photo
  • Haro Oak Sauvage  photo
  • Haro African Oak photo
  • Haro Oak Sand Brown Limewashed photo
  • Haro Oak Markant photo