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Solid Wood Floors

Whiteriver Solid Wood Flooring from Haldane Fisher Building Supplies

There is nothing more beautiful than the look and feel of traditional solid hardwood flooring, every solid wood plank is a unique specimen and this brings character, life and vibrancy into your room.

Manufactured to the highest possible standards Whiteriver solid hardwood flooring is milled from only the best quality hardwoods. Available in a variety of finishes including both hand scraped and distressed, Whiteriver solid hardwood flooring is a mark of true craftsmanship.

For more information please contact your local Haldane Fisher branch.

Cheetah-18mm-Brushed-Oak-(solid)(616x357) photo

Cheetah 18mm Brushed Oak


  • Cheetah-18mm-Brushed-Oak-(solid)(616x357) photo
  • Cheetah-18mm-Golden-Oak-(solid)(616x357) photo
  • Cheetah 18mm Oak-(treated-with-oil)-(solid)(616x357) photo
  • Cheetah-18mm-Smoked-Oak-(solid)(616x357) photo
  • Cheetah-Oak-Versailles-Pattern-(digital-print-laminate)(616s357) photo