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Purvis Block

Purvis Block from Creagh Concrete is now available from Haldane Fisher Haldane Fisher are delighted to be now stocking Purvis Block from Creagh Concrete in Haldane Fisher branches across Northern Ireland.


Purvis Block from Creagh Concrete, now available from Haldane Fisher

Whether it’s for a new house or an outdoor space renovation, the Purvis Block caters for every taste, from traditional to contemporary. Purvis Block is a reconstructed walling system which recreates the appearance of natural stone. The stone is cast in moulds with a wide range of profiles to provide a realistic varied stone effect, and is an accepted economical and environmentally friendly alternative to natural stone, comparable with the cost of quality facing brick. Manufactured by Creagh Concrete Products Ltd, which has over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing quality concrete products, customers can be assured that they have a brand they can trust.  Purvis Block is the natural choice for home builders who are searching for the beauty of natural stone without the added cost of employing a stonemason.

The versatility of the Purvis Block enables it to blend with traditional and contemporary house designs, and it is accepted in areas of natural beauty.  The products can be built by any competent bricklayer, and the overall build time is greatly reduced from that of natural stone.  As a structural system, Purvis Block forms the outer shell, saving house builders a layer of block work that is required with natural stone, and thus further reducing costs. Purvis Block is available in three shades - Weathered Limestone, Weather York and Sorrento, and is complemented by a wide range of building accessories allowing the home builder to achieve a variety of unique features and effects.  It’s an ideal option for home-owners looking to build, extend or improve their homes.

Purvis Block comes with returned edges making it easy to work with.  The variable pattern provides a much more natural look than traditional Cladding.


Sizes Available include:

Purvis Block  450mm x 150mm x 150mm

Purvis Single Wall Coping   450mm x 165mm x 140mm

Purvis Double Wall Coping  450mm x 300 x 100mm


Purvis Block Colours available from Haldane Fisher:

Weathered Linestone Purvis Block Sorrento Colour available from Haldane Fisher Weathered York available from Haldane Fisher
Weathered Limestone Sorrento Weathered York


For more information, please contact your local Haldane Fisher Branch.