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Gas cylinders, fire logs, wood pellets and coal all stocked nationwide at very competitive prices.

Calor Gas Cylinders
Calor Gas cylinders come in two types – propane and butane. We stock red Propane cylinders which come in the following sized: 11kg, 34k and 47kg. Our Patio Gas comes in 11kg cylinders. , 34kg and 47kg), while butane is stored only in cylinders. Butane is only stocked in the 11kg yellow cylinder yellow.

Propane performs best at low temperatures, allowing it to be stored outdoors all year round. Butane performs best at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, making it more suitable for indoor use, and only suitable for outdoor use during summer months.

 Propane gas 47kg  Calor Gas 34kg  Patio Gas  Butane gas
47kg Propane 34kg Propane 11kg Patio Gas 11kg Propane 11kg Butane


*Portadown Branch Only


Hayes Woodgem Wood Pellets

Hayes Fuel Woodgem Bagged Pallets available from Haldane FisherHayes Fuels offer bagged premium ENA1 wood pellets suitable for use in pellet stoves and small boilers. Their bagged wood pellets are made from 100% Debarked Coniferous Virgin Wood and produce low ash content and high calorific value.

Hayes Fuels bagged premium wood pellets are EN plus certified and BSL authorised and come in small 10KG bags that are easy to lift and handle. 


For more information regarding fuel options please contact your local Haldane Fisher Branch