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We stock a wide range of technically advanced products from Fernox. The Fernox product range has been proven to improve heating system efficiency and extend system life. The added plus for installers is the time saved by using a suite of products to ensure correct pre-commissioning. This brings added value to customers and enhances the installer’s professional reputation.

Fernox has developed a reliable and trusted product portfolio covering everything from water treatment cleaners and ihibitors to solders and fluxes. There’s specialist equipment such as powerflushing machines and scale reducers plus renewable technologies including heat transfer fluids and underfloor corrosion inhibitors. Fernox also produces some quick-fix products for emergency repairs.

All of Fernox’s products are formulated and packaged in a way that aligns with the company’s corporate and social responsibility policy. Each product is designed to contribute to maximising  energy efficiency, reducing both fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of its business, industrial and domestic customers.

Please contact the Plumbing and Heating Manager of your local branch for further details.

Total Filer TF1Protector F1 LiquidProtector F1 ExpressSuperconcentrate Protector F1Alphi-11