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Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

dimplex renewablesHeat your home with energy absorbed from the ground or the air around you. We stock a range of Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps from Dimplex. Ground source heat pumps use pipes buried in the garden to extract heat from the ground, usually used to heat hot water and radiators or underfloor heating systems. Beneath the surface, the ground stays at a fairly constant temperature, so a ground source heat pump can be used throughout the year, even in the middle of winter. Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air which is then used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems, warm air convectors and hot water.


air source heat pumpAIR SOURCE HEAT PUMPS

Even cold air is full of energy and Dimplex air source heat pumps use the freely available heat in the ambient air to provide efficient heating and hot water at air temperatures as low as -25°C. Because the source of heat – the air – is abundantly available all around us, air source heat pumps have the advantage of low installation costs and minimal space requirements, while relatively mild winter temperatures in the UK mean excellent levels of efficiency and performance are achieved throughout the year.


Key Benefits

  • Can be utilised all year round between +35°C and -25°C
  • Always available and inexhaustible source of heat
  • No requirement for the cost and land area of ground collectors
  • Ideal for new build or retro fit applications, especially where space is limited
  • Can be used for heating, cooling, domestic hot water and swimming pools


ground source heat pumpGROUND SOURCE HEAT PUMPS

Drawing as much as 75% of the energy needed by the heating system from freely available, inexhaustible solar energy stored in the ground, Dimplex ground source heat pumps are available in an extensive range of models types and capacities suitable for either domestic or commercial applications. Due to highly stable temperatures below the earth’s surface, ground source heat pumps provide high levels of efficiency for space and water heating all year round.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent temperatures below ground throughout the year provides a high Co-efficient of Performance
  • Can be used for heating, domestic hot water and swimming pools
  • Borehole systems can be used for either passive or active cooling
  • At just 1m below the surface, the earth provides a stable source of heat throughout the year. At depths of 15m or more, the earth provides a constant 10°C temperature.

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