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Floor and Roof Construction


Timber flooring joists have the advantage of being uniform in strength, rigidity, size and weight, which gives better dimensional stability. Compared with traditional timber joists they are lighter in weight and can have longer spans, which mean they are quicker and easier to install and may reduce or eliminate the need for internal support walls.

ggEngineered timber floor joists are an alternative to using traditional solid wood construction for floors. Haldane Fisher have led the way in delivering I-Joists that prove to be both a practical and cost effective alternative to a concrete floor. I-Joists are designed to provide a superior strength-to-weight ratio, reducing the need for structural walls and providing a quieter floor.


gEco-Joist beams utilise specially engineered V shaped galvanised steel webs that join together parallel stress graded timber flanges. The web in both systems allows services to be transferred faster and closer together particularly with Eco-Joists, as they have the added benefit of open webs. The beauty of Eco-Joists is that they offer the same benefits as I-Joists but with a free run for the installation of services.

The I-Joist and Eco-Joist Floor Systems also include Glulam beams were required. Glulam beams offer many design performance advantages over conventional timber sections, making them ideal for use in domestic and commercial systems where high load capacity is required. All flooring systems meet strict quality control in accordance with British and Irish standards and are supplied with a detailed floor plan, cut and manufactured to size, eliminating on-site waste. Our expert team is available to call to your site to take measurements or discuss any queries you may have, helping you to select the perfect engineered timber product for you.


hhRoof trusses are a prefabricated timber roof solution which helps to reduce labour on site thus reducing costs. This is an increasingly popular product within the construction sector and our specialist Truss Plant services both the North and South of Ireland with the highest quality product delivered direct to site. There are many types of trusses ranging from a standard “fink” truss to attic trusses which would give you extra rooms in the roof space, while at the same time providing the structural roof and floor in the same component. Each truss roof is a made-to-measure product designed and manufactured to NSAI approval.


The first step in truss design is to provide a copy of the Architect’s drawings (floor plans, elevations and sections) which will show the shape of the roof and therefore the type of trussed rafters required. Both attic and roof trusses are computer designed and factory assembled units, resulting in increased quality assurance and reduced labour costs. From the plans and design, a quotation will be issued, which will include ancillary items such as stability bracing and any metalwork that may be required to fix the trusses on site. A layout showing where each truss is located will be issued with the truss delivery.