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Unless you are extremely confident in your own ability and have no fear of heights, you will need to employ a roofing contractor. Your Sales Representative will be able to advise you which contractors have worked on other Self Build projects in the area and you will be able to go to the property and see the standard of their work before you decide.

Always select people who are members of a recognised federation and do take advantage of any workmanship guarantees on offer. If not properly ventilated, unheated roof spaces are notorious for problems. If insulation becomes damp through condensation, its effectiveness is severely compromised. The risk of fungal attack on wooden timbers is also greatly increased in a damp environment.

There is now a requirement under the Building Regulations that all roofs be adequately ventilated and all leading roofing manufacturers produce a number of different ventilation products, which can be selected according to the aesthetic design of your roof. Vapour permeable membranes allow any moisture to diffuse safely through the roof structure avoiding excessive condensation.

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Ventilators installed along the ridge line provide an unobtrusive ventilation solution.


Units are positioned between the roof rafters and prevent insulation product from blocking the free passage of air at the eaves.


These are incorporated within the slope of the roof, and vent air into the roof space via a ventilation tube.



fThe tiles or slates that you choose for your roof are critical for the way your home will look  and perform. A wide range of concrete and clay roofing products are available as well as contemporary alternatives such as composite steel panels.

At Haldane Fisher we offer a specialist roofing advice service and can supply you with details of all the products currently available. When you have narrowed down your selection, we can also tell you of build projects where your chosen product has been used, preferably a number of years ago - to enable you to see its impact in situ.

Accessories can be used to make your roof individual, such as finials, ornamentals and hanging tiles. When selecting your tiles /slates, it is important to check the availability of suitable accessories as well as ridges, hips and ventilating tiles.

Sample tiles or slates can be supplied - talk to your Sales Representative and he can arrange for them to be delivered directly to you or your local planning department. Guttering channels rainwater from the roof and is available in a choice of materials, shapes, colours and finishes.

Important considerations when choosing your roofing material are:

  • Size of slate / tile
  • Weight
  • Future availability of replacement tiles / slates for minor repairs
  • Colour and colour fastness
  • Weathering characteristics
  • Predominant roofing material in the area
  • Compliance with British Standards
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Appropriateness for architectural style of house