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uYour new home must now be well insulated to meet building regulations and with good reason!

oEffective insulation will not only keep you warm, but will pay back in the form of smaller energy bills in the future. You will need to make a calculation to show that the carbon emissions from heating, hot water and lighting in your house do not exceed the maximum limits. This calculation will enable you to decide on the type and thicknesses of the various insulations to use.


Haldane Fisher supplies a range of insulation in all shapes and sizes, rolls, slabs etc that will help you to comply with the different U-values required for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors. l

Insulation offers more than just thermal performance and there are also regulations governing sound insulation for partitions and upper floors. Mineral wool insulationproducts provide excellent acoustic insulation.

They are commonly used in partitions around bathrooms and en-suites and in timber floors to cut down on sound transmission between rooms. Mineral wool insulation is non-combustible so it has the added value of providing fire protection, making your home safer.