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Kitchens and Bathrooms


Kitchen The trend of recent years has been to accentuate the kitchen and to make it the best room in the house — certainly the most expensive to build. The amount spent on a kitchen fit-out is often around twice as much (per floor area) than the rest of the house, and the modern move towards open plan kitchen/dining areas also adds to costs. Rather than hiding functions away in utility rooms, everyone wants to put them on display in cabinets and under worktops. One effective route for limiting the budget here is by not having a huge kitchen: in fact, you can save a lot of money by hiding much of your storage and cupboard space in cheaper utility areas. It’s a modern variation on the old upstairs/downstairs routine. What the guests don’t see, they don’t know about! As a Self-Builder, you have the freedom to do this sort of financial engineering just by reconfiguring a wall or two. There are a number of pointers to be aware of when working on a kitchen layout: some of them relate directly to the Building Regulations, meaning you have no choice in the matter, while others are just good common sense. These include:

DO locate sinks and plumbed-in appliances where waste pipes can get to the drains. Usually this means placing them against an outside wall.

DO locate cooker hoods against an outside wall where exhaust fumes can be evacuated. You  can run ducting to get around this problem but it is a fiddle best avoided.

DO leave worktop space either side of both the sink and the hob (or cooker top).

DO keep the sink, the hob and the fridge reasonably close to each other.

DO plan for waste disposal and rubbish recycling. Gone are the days when a simple bin under the sink was adequate. Sorting glass, plastics, organic matter and general waste is best done once, and it’s a good idea to incorporate the storage into your kitchen or utility area.

DON’T place a hob or a sink in a corner unless you consider an angled corner arrangement (which is expensive); corners tend to make poor working/ storage space.

DON’T place a fridge or freezer next to or under a heat source (hob, cooker, radiator).

DON’T forget to consider the boiler if it needs to be in the kitchen. Not only will it be hot but there are rules concerning just where you can and can’t place boiler flue terminals.

DON’T put wall cupboards over the sink; conventionally, sinks go under windows and for most small- or medium-sized kitchens this will always be the most practical location.

Bring your kitchen to life before you commit to ordering anything with the latest 3D computer assisted technology! Using a sophisticated computer design package our showroom staff will draw your room to scale and drop in manufacturers products of your choice so that you can see how they will look in situ. You can try different layouts and configurations and add finishing touches with appliances, lighting or tiles. We will produce 2D drawings with different views of the room, from floor layout to elevation, as well as impressive 3D photo-realistic drawings which really bring the room to life.



oThere is more to a new bathroom than just a traditional basin, WC and bath. Building your own home gives you the opportunity to incorporate the very latest fittings and have a smart, well organised, relaxing and efficient room, fitted with pieces designed to maximise the space available to you. Bathroom furniture is as much an essential as the bath and shower. Well designed furniture can provide storage space for toiletries, cleaning materials, cosmetics, towels and all the other things we all need to have to hand and you can conceal ugly pipework at the same time!

Inspiring mirror cabinets and mirrors that incorporate good clear lighting provide the perfect view for shaving, applying make up etc. A well-lit mirror can also make a smaller bathroom look bigger if placed correctly. Useful features such as pull out linen bins keep the bathroom tidy and clutter free making cleaning much easier. The array and flexibility of modern bathroom fittings means that there is something to suit the style, size and shape of every bathroom.

Haldane fisher can help you design the bathroom of your dreams so don’t settle for anything less. Full design consultancy service available.