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Construction Timber

We have a wide range of stocks of construction timber incorporating all the dimensions and lengths required for modern day building. As a timber merchant, Haldane Fisher are clearly experts in the field, but there are other obvious benefits in buying your timber from us.

Softwood is the primary type of timber used in construction of housing in the UK and Ireland with Spruce, referred to as whitewood, being the most common species. This goes through a number of different grading processes to ensure you, as the customer, are getting the best possible quality product.

  • Construction Timber It is grade stamped. This means it is strength graded meeting the safety requirements stipulated by Building Control.
  • All our timber is Kiln Dried. Utilising timber with the correct moisture content for its intended end use is probably the single most important factor in ensuring satisfactory long term performance of wood based products.
  • To improve the presentation and to eliminate any variation in timber dimensions our timber is regularised. This is where the sawn product is planed to ensure the measure is uniform and accurate.

In all branches there are advisors on hand if you need advice and guidance in making your selection, and we rack our timber in such a way to make it easy for you to identify and select the the product you need.

Ask for FSC® and PEFC certified products
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