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Glulam is a high specification engineered timber product made by gluing together strength graded timber laminations to make up larger sections and distribute the natural defects evenly throughout the volume. The laminations are finger jointed to allow long lengths to be formed. This results in a structural unit of great strength and dimensional stability.

Timber Glulam available from Haldane Fisher

These beams offer many design performance advantages over conventional timber sections making them ideal for use in domestic and commercial I-Joist systems where high load capacity is required. They are:

  • GlulamStiff - resulting in small deflections
  • Consistent - quality assured production process
  • Stable - good dimensional stability and consistent sizing
  • Reliable - elimination of the drying splits/shakes common in solid timber
  • Long - available in 12m lengths
  • Straight - no twist even with large sections and longer lengths